Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Done, It's Done!!!

Holy crap, I thought it would never be done. The web site rewrite I've been working on for the last... 8, no, 9 months? It's in production! And without too many major glitches (those that we had necessitated a 2nd release, but no rollback, thank the good lord). I think I can cut my hours down from about 70 to about 60. Maybe even 50 if I get really daring and dangerous. W0ot!! Yippee Skippy, and any other silly expression you can think of, LOL!!

Lord have mercy. Let's celebrate! I'll extend the contest. You now have until this Saturday at midnight to comment either here or on the original post about your favorite Olympic event, and I'll throw in Jane Grave's 2 latest as well as the Hoyts.

Side note: Can you tell that Bob's latest comment to me was "Get all these books the hell out of here!" (and I don't believe hell was the actual word used, LOL) end side note

second side note: JB and Anne - your stuff went in the mail TODAY! see superlatives above :) end second side note

5 People Gabbed:

Rowena said...

Great job sweetie, I'm happy that it's over for you! =)

Kammie said...

My favorite Olympic event is a tie between gymnastics and beach volleyball. I can honestly say I've never been interested in volleyball till this year. Misty and Kerri were incredible to watch. What a great team!

Jennifer B. said...

Yay!!!! Good Job on that Lori!!! Great giveaways too and laughing at Bob's need for that space your books are taking up. LOL Thanks again for my prizes, looking forward to their arrival. :-)

byrdloves2read said...

Congrats on finishing the web site rewrite. Looks like you get to have a life once again! LOL

I guess my favorite it gymnastics but the swimming this year was pretty exciting too.

Bless Bob's heart for wanting you to get rid of some books. Thankfully, Bill never goes in my home office to see just how many books I have. hee hee

Dev said...

I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't watch the Olympics??? Although, I did watch last Saturday in the bar when the swimmer guy (Phillips) won. I think my friend said that was his 8th gold medal, but I didn't really pay attention. I guess since that's the only event I kind of watched, that would have to be my favorite.