Thursday, June 21, 2007

WOOT! and the art of Colloquialisms

So I'll begin this by saying that I love my hubby. I do. He cracks me up. This one was too funny not to share. First a little background. One of the benefits of my company is that after a certain number of years, they give you a free trip to London (where we have an office, so they write the whole thing off as long as you "visit" the London office for half a day to say hi to your colleagues).

WTF is the Queen of England doing?!?!So in August, Bob and I are going to the UK for a quick 10 day vacation. Then I found out that I have to go back to the UK at the end of August for work. My boss, being the cost conscious person she is, wasn't sure if the second trip was going to happen (it wasn't in the original budget - and if it's not in the budget, usually it doesn't happen). So... now the email exchange with hubby that started it all, then the rest of the evening so far...


From: Me
To: Bob
Subject: FW: London meeting

OK, I'm cleared for both the anniversary trip and the London
meeting. Woot!

From: Bob
To: Me
Subject: Re: London meeting


From: Me
To: Anne, Jen
Subject: FW: London meeting

Had to share this. I was laughing my butt off. Love my hubby. He's so clueless. I was explaining to him that I'll be heading off to London twice in August.

From: Anne
To: Me
Cc: Jen
Subject: Re: FW: London meeting

LMAO! Men are so totally clueless. That is
PRICELESS. I can just see it...
Woot? huh?
*scratching head*
WTF does that mean?
Long pause.
Woot? shorter pause.
Woot. It's starting to click now.
Woot. Ooooooh. Woot! = woo hoo only different.
Got it.
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! LOL

From: Me
To: Anne, Jen
Subject: Re: London meeting

Nope. Bob said it was a 1 step process. "WTF is that?" That was all.

So I get home. I share with hubby that I have made fun of him with my good friends Anne and Jen. All he says is "Woot!" Every fricken word out of his mouth is now Woot. I swear I was rolling. He sounds like an owl. Out of the blue... "Woot!" "Woot!"

Then came the best part. Trying to use it in a sentence. "Hey baby, wanna see my Woot?"

At dinner... "Dinner was really good. Steve, let's give 3 cheers for your mother. Hip, hip, WOOT!"

Says Steve, "Huh?"

Says Bob, "I'm Wooting for your Mom."

Woot me baby!OK, see Bob is on vacation this week. That usually means lots of sex. Cause he's not tired. I, on the other hand, am NOT on vacation. But I'm usually up for lots of sex anyway. Last night, apparently, he tried to get it on, but I was just not into his... WOOT.

13 People Gabbed:

Anne said...

Oh my effing... *rolling... sides hurt*

Just a minute. Wiping tears. I think it was the graphics along with the wooting that had me in stitches. The owl... LMAO!

Okay, okay. Too funny. Seriously. OMG. Still laughing.

Hey Bob... Gonna get your WOOT on tonight?


Rosie said...

Don't get me wrong, Anne's jokes were great, but Bob and Woot broke the bank! THAT was fun-neee!

Jennifer B. said...

My sides hurt Lori...OMG. Pure comic relief, your guy. *g*

Stacy~ said...

OMG that was too funny! Thanx for the laugh - I really need it this morning LOL.

Lori said...

It got better. tThis may be TMI, but later when we were, ummm, well, having (whispering... sex), he says "Oh yeah, that's woot I'm talking aboot baby." I lost it, I was laughing soooo hard!

Jenster said...

Bwahahahahaa!!! That's hysterical.

Leave it to a man to think a new word has something to do with sex. Teehee.

And happy sex to you both!!

Holly said...

OMG! LMAO!LMAO!!! Too freaking funny.

"Wanna see my woot?" LOLOLOL

Kate said...

WEIRD. Omg, hubby and I just talked about this LAST NIGHT.

He went to some website and said, "Oh, so is that why you say 'woot'?"

I, of course, looked up from my laptop and said, "What?" I'm sure he assumed I could see through the cover of his laptop through to the screen to actually see what he was looking at.

He said, "There's a website called 'Woot!'. Is that where you got that saying? The site doesn't really seem like romance books."

This is the site he was talking about:

Yes, hubster, that's just where I got my saying. Everytime I say "Woot!", it's actually a cleverly planned marketing tactic to get you to go to that website.

*shakes head* Men.

And *snicker* on Wanna see my woot. God, I just about died.

Anne said...

We know you wooted, but did you NEENER too? LOL

byrdloves2read said...

ROFLMAO!! "That's woot I'm talkin' about baby!" Well, why not. LOL Sounds like vacation has been good for Bob. heh heh

Lori said...

No, Linda... you've got to get the whole phrase in there... That's woot I'm talking aboot. Followed by "Didn't know you were having sex with a Canadian, didya?"

Now you know why life is one laugh after the next in my household. Only Bob would say that during sex for crying out loud.

Lori said...

And Anne, I never NEENER. So there. Neener, neener, neener.

Sarah McCarty said...

LMAO!!!!! Too funny!

Sarah, wiping screen