Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was so close

Or... just when you think you've made ends meet, somebody moves the ends

I thought I had everything finished. I've been working till 8:00 every night this week trying to get all next week's work finished before I leave on vacation. We've put together an entire package for school districts looking for ways to spend their stimulus money, and I had to create all the landing pages for the campaigns. But my boss, whom I love to death, has changed the books on the pages about 4 times. Every time I finish the pages, she changes the books. If it was a simple listing, it would be no big deal, but there's a lot of coding behind each one in order to make it available to place in your shopping cart. Ugh. And we're talking about over a hundred books here. Grrr......

So these two things exemplify exactly how I feel right now. The little video we shot at the pet store. It was so cute, but if you can see there's this one little mouse stuck on the wheel going for a ride while the others keep running. And the song... well, it's just an awesome song :)

2 People Gabbed:

Jennifer B. said...

Oh no! Please tell me you're not working Friday! I hope--this Friday morning--that you are walking about your house, coffee cup in hand, finishing up your packing and feeding of critters or whatever else you must do before leaving on VACATION! (A reading vacation sounds like!) Have fun Chick!

nath said...

Oh poor you, Lori!! That is frustrating, but there's something to look forward to... VACATION :)

I'm going to miss you!! Have fun!