Monday, February 09, 2009

Lori Foster speaks out

We were all surprised, and many of us not pleasantly, by My Man Michael, the latest installment in the SBC Fighter series.

Lori is guest blogging today at The Goddess Blogs about reader reaction. Go check it out!

4 People Gabbed:

Wendy said...

Foster is one of those authors that works for me in short stories (so anthologies are good), but not much in full-length novels (I've had serious issues with some of her heroines, but whoa doggie can that woman write sex!).

If I were a Foster full-length novel fan? I'd probably be pretty cheesed off with My Man Michael. Mostly because I'm way burnt out on paranormal. Also, I imagine I'd be unhappy if I really enjoyed this contemporary series, only to have it morph into a sub genre I'm really beginning to become disenchanted with. I'd feel hijacked....for lack of a better word.

But it's interesting to see reader reaction to this one. While there are readers who really are unhappy by this turn of events - there are countless other readers who enjoyed the change of pace. And maybe reading this book turned them on to trying other paranormals? Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Rosie said...

That was a very interesting commentary. She seems to stop just short of defensive. She's right about one thing. You can't please everyone. Yet another reason I could never be a public figure. All that judgment. Yikes!

Blanche said...

I love Lori Foster, have been a fan for a long time now. I have My Man Michael in my TBR, haven't read it yet.

Lori said...

I've been a fan forever, too, and while I'm bummed about the book and haven't decided if I'll read it yet (as she said - so many books, so little time), I do like her attitude in one respect, which is that "Gee, I wish that everyone loved all my books, but I get it that not everyone is going to love them all. And that's really a shame. But I can't let that kill me as an author." Good for her. I wish more authors took this attitude.

But I'm also bummed that she switched gears in the middle of this series with no real warning. (OK - well, we've all had plenty of warning now! LOL)

And Wendy, I so agree with you. The woman can write sex! LOL. My first LF was Too Much Temptation. Holy smokes!