Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A (happy) update on the headspace thing...

This past weekend?

DH and I went out for a nice Valentine's dinner with friends on Friday--right after work.

On Saturday, we managed a relaxing morning--during which I looked up more fab crockpot recipes to accompany the one Lori shared last week--and early afternoon--which was when I grocery shopped. Then, we left around 2 to go skiing. Ended up having dinner there again and even let G enjoy himself a bit at the kid's club event (which featured those crazy bouncing/jumping houses--G's all-time fave carnival amusement).

Sunday morning, we went to church. Came home and had lunch. Then I cleaned my house top to bottom and plowed through laundry while the boys relaxed. Just before the vacuum came out--DH and G went outside to do chores and play. So I finished up the housecleaning and polishing without boys or toys underfoot. A bit later, we all hopped on our snowmobiles, strapped G's sled on the back and rode a couple of miles to a humongous sled hill. Played there a bit, rode on to a pub for pops and then headed home. Where I grilled dinner in time for us all to relax in front of the TV for Supercross (dirtbiking). Then, LOL, later, while G was in his bath, I colored my hair. [Bit bummed on that--it is one of my two economic concessions right now...giving up the salon appointments. Hate to color my own hair, blech.]

At any rate...my point? My happy point? We did all of this and, NOT ONCE did I feel rushed or conflicted or put out that I had so much shit to do on the weekend (now that I've limited time during the week). It all just flowed, dare I say it, naturally. No trying to figure out how to fit it all in or how to get alone time to do it in...I just...did it. With my family around. It was like we were in perfect sync, balancing fun and chores with G front and center during both.

Sigh. That's the sound of contentment right there.

4 People Gabbed:

Lori said...

Hey... how did the chicken come out? I hope the guys liked it...

The one thing I absolutely refused to give up for this freakin' economy was my hair coloring appts. I only go 4 x a year (since my hair is so curly, I can get away with going much longer between appts). So I give in to the vanity and go to my highlight appts. And hey - I had mine done this weekend, too! LOL.

Blanche said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

Lori I'm with you....with my curly hair I need to go and get mine done way too often! I'm lucky to get 8-10 weeks between appts!

Linda said...

How delightful that you had a whole weekend when everything flowed comfortably. You sure deserve it. Um, won't comment on the hair coloring bit since I'm rather fond of my silver highlights.

Jennifer B. said...

The chicken was fabulous Lori! Thank you. *g* Laughing about the salon treatment...I have to go every 4 to 6 weeks, so yeah, I gave up some! not all of the salon appointments. I'll do it myself for a bit, then treat myself. And so on.

Hi Blanche! You sound like me--I have to cover the grey often. LOL

And Linda? I'll bet your silver highlights are beautiful. Mine? Not so much. A skunk stripe, not highlights, LOL.