Friday, October 17, 2008

Know anyone else who...

Know anyone else who grills chicken before 6 AM? LOL My husband is leaving for a guy weekend hunting trip this afternoon and he requested “those chicken wrap things” for his portion of the menu. Then he amended the request to something spicey. So I amended my recipe from ‘chicken wrap things’ to ‘buffalo chicken wraps.’ Easy. I marinated the chicken overnight and then grilled the chicken and put the wraps together this morning. All before school and work.

And I’m filing this—not under SupahWife, but rather RuralLivin. Mostly because I just can’t imagine doing such a thing when I lived in the city. Sure, I had a grill and some chicken. But I also had to dress in full-body business attire and commute in vicious rush hour traffic. Bottom line, I lacked the mental capacity for it. Brain’s only response was no time, no time, no time.

Living rurally now, there is time. I’m still busy—wildly so at times—but as folks tend to enjoy a slower pace here, somehow it all feels more doable. Hence my ability to send my man off with fresh grilled chicken wraps.

Another file under RuralLivin…

The difference between coming to work in quaint little Gaylord and commuting over an hour to my old job in Detroit. Night and day difference. In Gaylord, I drop G off at school, drive four blocks, park, walk to the coffee shop/deli on the corner for my morning java, then walk the tree-lined street back and let myself into a beautiful old house converted into office space.

A far cry from negotiating Telegraph Road in morning rush hour, enroute to an office tucked away in a rundown industrial park where I couldn't walk the parking lot alone, day or night.

Rural Livin. Great file.

3 People Gabbed:

Lori said...

LOL!! What a good wife you are! I'd be sending him off with the camp grill and some chix breast & BBQ sauce. And buh-bye!

I was, however, up at 4:45 today making peach cobbler, so I guess that makes me as crazy as you. It was my day to bring breakfast for the department. And I always bring my cobbler. Stupid me.

Anonymous said...

yum ... I saw all those words but they didn't make any sense to me. I'm now craving one of those 'chicken wrap things' LOL

Jennifer B. said...

Oh Lori - you are almost cruel, LOL...filling your house with the tempting smell of peach cobbler before 6 AM! At least my grilling was outside, LOL.

And your turn to take breakfast to the office? Well that has to make damn hard to eat right--if folks were bringing me food every morning...argh, I can't even think of it. LOL

LOL Erin! My wrap "things" are just grilled chicken, garden veggies and a bit of mozzarella cheese. The buffalo chicken wraps had a boatload of hot sauce, ranch dressing and monterey jack cheese in there. The guys liked those best, of course...and politely requested more for their duck hunting expedition week after next. LOL You want some too?