Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a thrill to see it up close...

Through a friend of mine, G and I received clearance to go up in the control tower at a nearby bombing range. A range where air and ground forces practice maneuvers regularly. On any given day, there are Navy SEALS and/or army personnel on the ground and F16s in the air--training with technology that would curl your toes.

What a thrill to see it up close. The power and precision of our armed forces. So fucking cool.

So....fucking fabulous.

Even better when our escort confirmed that the activities I saw today will not be impacted by a new administration's policy or budget changes for a good 2 to 3 years. Budgets and plans are in place through at least 2010 for most and 2011 for some sectors. Whew.

Note: I tried to add video, but Blogger didn't cooperate. There is probably a good reason for that. So I settled for one of our more distant photos. A cool pic but nothing compared to the ones I took when they buzzed the tower. Holy fuck.
Again....Fucking. Fabulous. LOL

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Lori said...

Love the hands over the ears, yet total amazement on the face. They are really cool to see, aren't they? We have an air show here every year that we took the kids to until about 2 years ago (they started to get bored - been there, done that syndrome - HA - crazies!). It's just amazing.

Jennifer B. said...

My Dad used to take my one brother and I to the airshows at Selfridge when we were kids. Loved, loved, loved it. :)

G did think they were cool, but yeah, the noise freaked him out a bit--only because it always came after the plane was already gone. LOL Took him by surprise every time. Hence the hands over his ears.

He paid attention though...that little kindergarten mind working. After a long explanation of how ground troops work--in constant communication--with the folks in the air during combat, G looked at me and said "so these guys keep Kevin safe?" Kevin is our soldier pen pal. He knows where he is and, listening to our escort, was able to put some context to it. This and a couple of other times. Smart and sweet *and yeah that's me braggin* LOL