Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What I Did This Summer

I'm always yacking about dirtbike weekends here. And as I was sending video off to DH's riding friends this morning, it occurred to me that I could use a couple of these videos to...well, give you a visual. LOL

In the first, DH and three friends are at their start. They race AMA D-14 Enduros, starting four to a minute. In this race, all four were assigned minute 38. That means they line up behind 37 other sets of riders and wait, as each set of riders takes off on their minute. At exactly 38 minutes past the hour (key time), the whistle blows and off they go. This race took place under the remnants of Hurricane Ike...so the number of onlookers is lower than normal.

And this is a view of the single track they are racing through the woods. They also race on what is called event trail--much tighter than this. And have transfer sections which can be as wide as a road. And no, no one goes through and clears logs. Getting over rain-slicked logs and through mud-bogged ruts is part of the challenge. Four took off and you'll see the same four come through here. With me, I have A (Randy's son) and G (my son). The gentleman talking is an event organizer and a great, great guy.

Completely uninteresting to most I'm sure, LOL. But this really is how I spent my summer and I genuinely love it. Especially the family enduro series when my 5 year old is out there racing the same stuff. He loves it, Dad loves it, Mom loves it. What's a little mud or dirt?

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