Monday, September 08, 2008

Lori reminded me about socks

LOL. Her story of forgotten football socks brought an image to mind...that of my 5-almost-6 year old boy, standing on the deck, having a serious conversation with me the other day. All the while, standing there in shorts, tee sock.

When he was an infant, he always managed to lose one sock. Easy to do when you spend your time kicking your feet and crawling and wiggling your way everywhere. We were amused by it then, dubbing him Chief One Sock, and continue to be amused today. Kind of.

There are moments though, that I'm downright spooked by it. What the hell? What inspires or prompts a kid to take off just one sock? It happens all the time, with him just walking around doing his usual stuff at home...with only one sock on. Cracks me up. And makes me wonder. It was cute when he was an infant and toddler. Something beyond his control. Now that he is a miniature person, of free will and mind, it seems an odd...choice or habit. LMAO A sign that he will be eccentric? LOL

Chief One Sock. Laughing, reminds me of one more thing. Last year, in pre-school, he came home with an assignment. He had to select an Indian name. His Dad looked at him and said, "You already have an Indian name. Chief One Sock." G did NOT go for that at all, LOL. No way he was going to school with that name pick.

And yet, there he stood just a few days ago, serious as can be, telling me a story. Wearing only one sock. Goof.

2 People Gabbed:

Lori said...

Chief One Sock. Too funny. Maybe that's how you should introduce hom to his first girlfriend :)

Jennifer B. said...

LMAO! Now THAT is a supreme idea girlfriend. LOL