Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Doofus Junior... *headdesk*

*sigh* I think that's all I can say about my kids these days. So Steve called Bob after school to ask if he could go to a friend's house. New friend - one we've never heard of before. Bob said yes, but only if he left this kid's full name, address, and phone number, and that all Steve's homework was finished.

I got home from work, and Bob was home, but no Steve. No note, no nothing. Of course, he doesn't have a cell phone, so we couldn't call him.

*side note* Jeff didn't have a cell phone till he was in 7th grade. They can call when they get where they're going. They shouldn't be out wandering. At his age, I should know where he is every effing minute, no? I know he's the only kid his age without one, but I just don't give a fuck. *end side note*

So Bob and I are getting more and more ticked, especially after another of Steve's friends called in response to Steve's call to... GIVE HIM THE REST OF HIS HOMEWORK. Ok, now the kid is really up a creek. If he ever comes home, that is. Can you say GROUNDED?

Finally, around 5:30, he saunters to the front door, with his new friend, asking if they can ride their skateboards over to the junior high. Ummm.... no? Off goes new friend home, thinking Steve's parents are total assholes, I'm sure. Then Steve tells us he DID leave a note. Right on top of the dryer - in the garage! Seems he figured since we always come in through the garage, we'd see it there... on top of all the folded laundry, junk, and other paraphernalia floating around out there, instead of putting it on the microwave where every effing note passed among family members has gone since the dawn of time (including the one he left last week that said "I'm at Chris' house.").

And, he only called his friend to get the homework because he left his agenda at school, and wanted to make sure he'd remembered to do everything, which he did. Damn it. Now we can't ground him. Except for the parting shot... "You know, if I had a cell phone, you could've called me." Little shit.

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Jenster said...

ACK!!! I'm cracking up because it's you and not me!!! Sounds like something that would happen around here. lol

Doesn't that just piss you off! You get this whole righteous indignation thing going and then they burst your bubble. But you're still left with all that angst!

Holly said...

Wow..already I'm having nightmares about this being me. *sigh* The Girl is BEGGING me for a cell phone. BEGGING. She's freaking 11. Why does an 11 yr old need a cell phone? Sheesh. She keeps asking if mine breaks can she have it, because then she'll have a "OMG Blackberry Curve!" Even if it is broken..


Rosie said...

I know there's more pressure for kids at younger and younger ages to have cell phones, but we held out for 16. It is a pain sometimes because of the convenience... But Lordy then the negotiations for minutes, texting, pictures, the web etc for the phone. Basic phone although we did finally cave on the texting. Oy! It's always something.

Lori, I feel your pain. Doesn't he at least get demerits for leaving the note in a dumbass spot?

Lori said...

THANK YOU, Holly! I'm just sayin' - He's turning 11 next week. What the hell does he need a cell phone for? And when I say he was the only one in his freakin' kindergarten class without one, I'm not kidding. Seriously.

Rosie, we were going to hold out till high school, but then Jeff went on his trip to DC, and he needed something. So we broke down. But he still doesn't have texting or internet, LOL. He hates us for that. Steve still has to at least wait till he's out of freakin' elementary school. Sorry Charlie.

And yes, he did win the dumbass award today. AND had to do more than his fair share of the chores around the house today. He spent the rest of the afternoon moping and whining. Just sayin'... if you want a phone and you say you're old enough for it - don't act like a baby if you get called out on a mistake. Sheesh!

Really, I love him to death. Honest I do. But I swear I wanted to shoot him this afternoon.

Lori said...

Jen, I totally got annoyed. I was all set to ground him, then... I had nothing. All worked up and nowhere to go. Bummer, that.

Jennifer B. said...

You are giving me nightmares! Oh man. The worry. Cell phones in kindergarten, eh?

Aemelia said...

oh I can sooooo relate...!

My 12 yr old thinks he needs a cell phone to, I just tell him when he can pay for it, he can have one (we'll probably wait until he's 16 ot add him to the plan...good thing there's 6 years between my kids, so I can extend these things out)

nath said...

Wow... I was what, 20 when I got my own cell phone... although I used my mom's. I say kids need a cell phone when they start driving...:)