Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain strikes back.... it just got VERY interesting

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a republican VP... it just got very interesting, no?

Should she call him Daddy? Oh, and how long till they make her get a new hairdo?

2 People Gabbed:

Anonymous said...

I think Daddy will do. Or Pops. BTW: That's a new hairdo? Hm.

Jennifer B. said...

Oh boy. Definitely not a political ho, LOL. For this very reason. It's a stage more suited to trading useless insults than debating and evolving issues. And the insults are more often remembered than any of the meaningful dialogue--remember the "you're no Jack Kennedy" line? Anybody remember what question during that debate elicited that comment? I don't. I'm a sad, sad polly sci major from way back, LOL. Understand my responsibility to be an informed voter, but no longer have the patience or the heart for it.