Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention, Day 2

Hillary ClintonAs I said, I'm a politics ho. When my guy bowed out... (John Edwards who I supported totally politically and still would in a run for the white house - do NOT get me started, and see my note below on Day 1 on separating the personal from the professional... but puleeze! The guy's wife had just been diagnosed with freakin' breast cancer... ok, nuff said)... Anywho, after Edwards dropped out, I studied the field to see with whom my beliefs most closely aligned. I chose Hillary Clinton. I never just go with my gut. I'm a very learned and studious voter. It was a hard fought battle, and when she dropped out, I was disappointed, but I could see the writing on the wall.

So I watched her speech tonight with great interest, knowing that there are those delegates committed to her that would rather vote for McCain than Obama. One has even done a commercial for him. Interesting, given that if you are a delegate to the democratic convention, one would assume your allegiance is to the democratic party by default, but I digress....

Clinton was articulate, fiery, eloquent. She had the audience in the palm of her hand. It was her job to unite the democratic party. The jury is still out. I find it so interesting that in a year when we saw our first true possible major party nominees as a woman or a black man, the democrats can't seem to unite behind either one of them, yet each of their defenders are so devoted, loyal, zealous even. Hmmm..... Oh, and as Nikki said, she looked fabulous! And interesting that Chelsea joined her up on stage afterward, but not Bill. A deal between the two that he won't steal her thunder, perhaps? Too cynical of me?

Next up tomorrow - Bill Clinton, who to this day has refused to come out and actually endorse Obama for president. I always had the feeling that he deliberately undermined and sabotaged Hillary's campaign though. He is too much of a master campaigner to not know he was sending her campign into the crapper with some of his comments on the campaign trail. So to then refuse to endorse Obama... as I said - side deal with Hillary, perhaps? LOL!!! Still too cynical?

Let's just say I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve.

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byrdloves2read said...

I'm not a political ho but Bill is. During the primaries we had 2 yard signs in our front yard, John Edwards and Ron Paul. *snicker*

We've been watching the Democratic Convention and so far the speeches have been pretty good. I'm amused when I watch these women (Michelle and Hillary) try to portray themselves as "regular" women. They are both extraordinary. No one mentions much anymore that Michelle was Barack's mentor.

Loved Biden's affectionate tribute to his family.

We'll be watching the spectacle tonight, for sure.