Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention, Day 1

Anyone else interested? Watching? I'm a politics ho, I admit it.

Who couldn't have been moved watching the tribute to Ted Kennedy? And then seeing him come out and give his speech? It really reminded me that in today's world, politicians like Ted Kennedy would never have made it past their first scandal. Chappaquiddick, anyone? He never would have been re-elected after that in today's world. And think of all the good things he has done for our country since then that might never have been passed in Congress. Wow. It really does bring to mind the question of character, and separating the personal life of a person from their professional life. Interesting, no? (Bill Clinton, anyone?) Makes one wonder. Anyway, I was really happy to see him looking as well as he did.

And I thought Michelle Obama's speech was fabulous. I was thrilled by it. I loved afterwards when Keith Olbermann asked one of his female commentators to explain why some of the women were crying. The old "we're just dudes... can you explain this phenomenon to us?" Bob and I were laughing our butts off. It's so Keith Olbermann. We loved him when he was just the local sports guy in LA.

Anyway... any of you watching? Thoughts?

2 People Gabbed:

Nikki said...

Yes! I am watching Hilary Clinton right now. So far, she's great! And to top it off, she looks fabulous! How unimportant is that?! :)

Dev said...

I'm watching. I am a huge Michelle Obama fan. I think she's a great speaker.

Unlike you, I'm not a political ho. I usually don't watch, but I admit I've been hooked. I enjoy watching Joe Biden as much as I enjoy watching Barak and Michelle.