Sunday, January 06, 2008

Where I've been...

First of all... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc to everyone. I hope you all had the very best of holidays. I've been scarce all over blogland. So, what have I been up to? Well, hopefully you'll excuse the incredibly long post, but there's been a ton of shit going on.

First, let me share the best pics evah. We did go to see James Taylor and Carole King together. Wow. 50 people in the entire place and we were among them. Did I mention that Jackson Browne was there the night before? In the audience? And Joni Mitchell? Yowsa. Can these folks draw a crowd or what? (sorry for the blurry cell phone images)

Carole and James Carole rocks out on piano James at the mic

Next we went back to Van Halen again. Remember the tix I won? They ended up being 3rd row. So cool! I thought Bob would... well... erupt in his pants when Eddie payed Eruption literally right in front of us.

Eddie rocks Eddie
Dave Dave rockin

As for the rest of it, well, life has been a mix of good and bad. My job has once again gotten the better of me. For the majority of December I worked to meet a deadline and that meant 15 hour days. Yes, 15 hour days. As a result, nobody got Christmas cards, nobody got presents sent to them (I still have to send my niece her presents and her b-day gift!). But the good is that I did take a week off at Christmas and spent it sleeping and hanging with my family. I got absolutely nothing else done, but it was worth it. And my boss realized that I can't keep up this pace. We are trying to work out a solution. Hopefully we'll figure it out sooner rather than later.

The last bit of news is that my husband gave up drinking. For those of you who always thought I have the perfect marriage, I pretty much do. My only regret over the last 20-odd years is that my husband is an alcoholic. He's a functioning alcoholic, not a fall-down drunk, but still. A 6-pack a day, every day, or a bottle of wine at dinner each night is not a good thing. Plus, he has a long family history of it. He's over 40, and we have a son about to hit high school. A couple of hard life truths hit him square in the eyes these last couple of years. So, in October, he quit drinking. It's been tough going, but he's done it. I have never been prouder of anybody or anything in my entire life.

Tonight we had a chat at the dinner table with the kids about his alcoholism and what it means to them and to be an alcoholic. When he gave them permission to use him as an excuse with their friends not to drink ("My dad's an alcoholic and I don't want to go there"), I thought I would cry. My man to die for is truly an amazing, strong human being. As well as being the funny, loveable, cute, sweet man he is, he has an inner strength that humbles me. I'm so proud to be with him, and so honored that he is the father of our children. Not only does he set an amazing example of how to treat a woman, and how to manage a household, he now has shown our boys how to own up to your mistakes, how to deal with life's difficulties in a dignified manner, and how to be a true man in every sense of the word. That is a man to die for. It is now my life's mission to support him in any and every way that I can in this lifelong endeavor of his. I only hope I can be as strong and true and brave as he has been. I love you, sweetie.

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Jennifer B. said...

Sending you my love Lori and a reminder that your own strength provides a stunning example for others, for your husband and for your children. You are a remarkable woman.

Anne said...

Wow, sounds like the concerts were awesome! I'm so glad you had a good time. I'm bummed you've worked so hard, Lori, HUGS, but I'm glad your boss realizes you can only do so much. A few 12 hour days a week, maybe, but not all, and certainly not 15 hour weeks. Again.. HUGS. Love you chick.
I had no idea about Bob. None. But had I known I would have had someone to talk to about my Bob. He, too, is an alcoholic, drinking anywhere from 4-8 beers during the week and much more on the weekends. Like your Bob, he's not a stumbling drunk, and he's functional going to work and all that, but with his heart attack at about this time last year I had hoped it would change. Sadly, it did not, which is why our marriage is under enormous strain and will likely end in the next year or two. Sigh. I do have to give him kudos for quitting smoking though... nearly a year now.

To Bob- If you read this, I only know you through Lori, but I am very, very proud of you... and from all that Lori has told me about you, I'm so glad she has you. You truly are, a man to die for. Hugs to you!

byrdloves2read said...

Wow Lori, what a post!

This story of Bob gave me serious chills - he truly is a MAN. *sigh* What a guy. You are a wonderful gal who deserves nothing less that this "man to die for".

Sorry to hear that work's been such a bitch. Hope your boss gets it in gear quickly and gives you a break with those hours.

And finally, I'm green with envy about the Taylor/King concert. In such an intimate setting it must have been incredible.

Stacy~ said...

Great concerts. I'm glad you got to go.

I don't blame you for being so proud of your dh - what a life-affirming decision he has made for himself and his family, and not an easy step to take, but he's doing it. Good for him. My mom is an alcoholic, went into the treatment center over 25 years ago because she almost died from alcohol poisoning and has been sober ever since. I'm proud of her too.