Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Beef

Strange title, right? Ever have one of those PMS-y days where ALL the little things bother you? I'm going to start my list from JUST this morning. Feel free to chime in on what's annoying YOU today.

1. Landscapers who come at nap time. Every. Time.
2. Heroes from Elizabeth Lowell's old romances. Seriously. There's always this one thing they think they KNOW about the heroine and regardless of what the heroine says, they're CERTAIN they're right and they're assholes because of it. Yet I LOVE the books. Ugh.
3. Dear Author. Yes, they're pissing me off today. Because I now have 101 unread feeds from them in my Google Reader, because every time I read one post I get SUCKED in and have to read all the comments. DA, you are TOO popular. Stop being so cool and funny. I am never going to catch up!
4. My book. I threw my first MS out, did I tell you all that? 60,000 words down the drain because it was AWFUL. Now I have 5k of the new one. My issue? I'm an editor, and can't stop editing. I just can't turn the darn brain off while I'm writing, so it's going soooooooo slooowwwwwwwwllllllyyyyy. Sometime soon I'll tell you about it (think Harlequin Blaze type with a boss. Yum.).
5. PMS. WHY do women have to get this?

WELL, now that I've all cheered you all up, what would you like to complain about? I'm all ears. :-)

6 People Gabbed:

Lori said...

You did NOT throw it away? I liked it! Unless you nitpicked it to death. You did, didn't you? I know you did.

So happy you have come out from hiding :) Now that the kidlet is a smidge older and school is out for summer (I feel a rock song coming on) I hope we wee you around a little more. I miss you!!

Laughing at the DA rant.

Jennifer B. said...

LOL! I'm with Lori, I hope we wee you around more too! ;-)

Lori said...

OK, OK, I saw it, but not until it was too late. No need to make fun, LOL!

Jennifer B. said...

Come on, LOL! I'm at work. How else am I supposed to get my giggles?

KateS said...

Well I KEPT it, I'm just not using the majority of it, lol. I'm hoping to use some scenes of it - but really, WAY over the top. I would smack one of my authors for the things I did in that MS. Ugh. It only took a year away from it to see the ridiculousness... :-P

But I hope I wee you guys too ;-)

KateS said...

Also - this is how much time I spend with the baby. You said "I think I feel a rock song coming on", and I automatically thought you meant a song about rocks. No. Joke.