Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Word choice is everything

I was reading this news article about the current Miss California USA, who is raising controversy wherever she goes by being an advocate for the National Organization for Marriage. It seems that topless photos of her modeling have appeared (shocking, I know for a beauty pageant contestant). The following paragraph made me LMAO: (note the bolding below was done by me)

"The detailed document prohibits the titular Miss California from making personal appearances, giving interviews or making commercials without permission from pageant officials..."

Of course she's dismissing the entire episode, saying that she's a model, and that's what models do. Frankly, I happen to not really care if these girls pose topless or not. So I really agree with her. BUT, I would venture a guess that if it was the girl who won the Miss USA pageant (Miss North Carolina, and Miss Cali - our girl - was runner-up) she might be singing a different tune.

And I post this, not to even discuss the issue, not to discuss the controversy, or anything else. I only posted it because I found their word choice freakin' hilarious, given the context.

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