Sunday, April 26, 2009

Made it back in one piece

Hey all... I made it back from the cruise in one piece, didn't jump overboard after one week in a room with my mom, and only gained 4 pounds in the 10 days I've been away. Gah!

I missed the hell out of my family. It feels like I haven't seen them in 2 full weeks - they were all away in Tahoe for a week, then we crossed paths for one day, then I left. I'm so happy to see my guys.

I read a ton of books, and I will be posting on some of them, dammit. I need to get back to reviewing. Seriously. Highlights were:

  • Always - Lauren Dane - awesome contemporary
  • Past Promises - NJ Walters - as always, NJ was fantastic
  • Facing It - Linda Winfree - I liked Tick again, thank goodness... interesting premise, too
  • Hot in Here (ARC) - Sophie Renwick - really, really good. review forthcoming
  • Acting Naughty - GA Hauser - seriously good
  • The Duke to Die For - Amelia Grey - first in a trilogy. liked it a lot
Acting Naughty is a M/M Linden Bay romance, available at Samhain. Wow - I loved it. Very well done, very good romance, and very hawt. I'm off to get the followup, which follows the same characters. Normally I hate that, but it looks interesting...

Til later...

2 People Gabbed:

nath said...

Welcome home Lori!!!

Can't wait to read your reviews and your adventures!! Glad you made it back safely! :)

Jennifer B. said...

Looking forward to your reading recap!