Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad, bad Mr. Anonymous - and book recs?

So, I've changed the settings because apparently even word verification isn't enough to stop our resident spammer. You have to have an account somewhere and be signed in. So sorry. Hope it isn't an inconvenience for anyone.

Anyway... I'm trying really hard to shake off the blogging blues. I promise I'll come up with something witty to blog about very soon. Honest. I'm going on a weeklong cruise with my mom - leaving on Saturday. That's bound to give me plenty to bitch talk about, LOL. And oh... the books I've got loaded up in my ebookwise for the trip! Yay me!

E-books I'm taking:
Always - Lauren Dane
Past Promises - NJ Walters
Facing It - Linda Winfree
Hot in Here (ARC) - Sophie Renwick
Pleasure Unbound (yes, really! - Hey, it was $1.99)
Driving Hard & Acting Naughty - GA Hauser
A Desperate Journey - Debra Parmly
Out of the Dark - JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
The Role of A Lifetime - Jennifer Shirk
Turbulent Passions - Anne Rainey
Compromising Positions - Jenna Bayley-Burke
Heat of Passion - Elle Kennedy

I also have a bunch of print saved up. These I can give to my mom when I'm done, for the most part, although the Lisa Jacksons won't interest her. Harlequins are much more her speed. Yeah, come to think of it, she won't go for the Diane Whiteside either. Little too hot. Hmmm.... I do have a bunch of Harlequins that I'm done with, though. Maybe I'll bring those for her.

Print I'm taking:
Malice - Lisa Jackson
Wicked Game - Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush
It's Hotter in Hawaii - Helen Kay Dimon
The Duke to Die For - Amelia Grey
Southern Devil - Diane Whiteside
Tempted at MN - Jacquie D'Allesandro
Flat Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy

And befre you ask... yes, it's likely that I'll finish all of these. I'll be gone 7 days with nothing to do but lie around on deck. Any other suggestions that I can get on ebook? I really don't want to load down my suitcase with paper. I could use a really good historical. I'm getting contemp'ed out.

If you want to see where I'm going, just go take a look at Beth Williamson's blog. She just got back from the same cruise.

2 People Gabbed:

Jennifer B. said...

Do let us know how you like Pleasure Unbound. :-) I have that one on my TBR list, just haven't gotten to it.

And enjoy your downtime Lori!

Lauren Dane said...

Have a great time! You've got the new NJ already, which would have been my suggestion!