Monday, March 23, 2009

Overheard at the pool

My friend Lisa and I were standing in the "big" pool, listening patiently while our six-year-old boys worked up the courage to tackle the water slide. Long-time swimmers in the "small" pool, both want to move up, now that they're so much older and capable. Our rocket water slide is a big step.

D: "You go."

G: "No."

D: "Yeah, you do it."

G: "Uhhhh, no." (Wonder where he gets that Uhhhh from, LOL.)

D: "Come on. Do it. Then you can rub it all in my face."

LMAO! Her and I laughed so hard. Specially cuz he accompanied that statement with a rapper hand move.

Ah well. Gone are the days where we overhear them citing manner rules--drilled at daycare and pre-school--to each other.

Oh, and they BOTH did it. At least a bazillion times each.

3 People Gabbed:

Lori said...

Heh. I love when they get all boasty like that.

nath said...

LOL :)

Jennifer B. said...