Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie previews

Tell me why it is that movie previews are so damn violent? On Saturday night, we took the boys to see Knowing, the new Nicholas Cage movie. We debated whether Steve was ready to see it or not, but it's rated PG-13, and based on the synopsis, we figured it would be ok. He's usually fine with movies of that nature.

The first thing we saw were 2 previews for R-rated movies. Horror flicks that, frankly, creeped me out so much that I was cringing in my seat with my eyes covered. I looked over at Steve, sitting next to me, and the poor kid was shivering. Literally, quaking in his shoes. Before the movie even started, he was asking to go back to the hotel (we were in Monterey for the weekend).

We got him sufficiently calmed down, and there were a couple more previews for PG-13 movies after that. Movie begins. Right off the top, it opens with a somewhat paranormal element with a kind of creepy little girl. I think, no I know, he would have been ok with it had those previews not preceded the movie. He's seen far worse, far creepier stuff. But within a half hour, he was begging to leave.

I took him out and we walked into Witch Mountain (which can I say? Nothing like the Witch Mountain I remember from my youth, LOL!). We watched that while Jeff & Bob watched Knowing.

Here's what I want to know. Who the F do I complain to about previews? It was so freaking inappropriate. My child hasn't slept for two nights. Seriously.

And I really wanted to see Knowing, dammit.

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nath said...

Ugh, sucks. Unfortunately, I don't know who you can complain to :( Poor Steve :(