Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on that headspace thing


1) I quit one of my part-time jobs.
2) And grew the other into a full-time job.
3) And offloaded my freelance web development gig.

More headspace, right? Soon, soon. I hope. Keep praying.

One week into it and...

1) The part-time job I quit was the biggest thing on my mind. As some of you know, that guy lacked character and was very, very difficult to work for. Well, true to his nature, he was infuriated by my resignation and spent all of last week trying to make trouble for me--accusing me of general incompetence (harmless) and of forging his signature on checks to pay his bills (not so harmless). Nor true. I was assigned to him through a temp agency and he spewed nearly all of his venom her way. That she defended me without hesitation stirred his ire to scary heights and not only was I compelled to proactively contact local authorities (on the forgery accusation) but I also spent all week looking over my shoulder, locking my doors the instant I was behind them, etc. A mess. The only moment of feeling 'safe' came when the officer I spoke with assured me he knew this guy, knew he was not believable and doubted he would come back (they told him he didn't have a sound complaint and that any further action would require a full-blown audit; that gave him pause and he dropped it). So far this week, he's been quiet. I'm still unsettled, now just worried about him as a physical threat, but maybe with each quiet day, I'll be one more day to putting it behind me.

2) The new full-time job was not worked full-time week one. I had one pre-arranged day off to wrap up websites. That was Thursday. But little one fell very ill and I ended up staying home with him Friday. So yeah, first full-time week and I worked three days. I worried over that too.

3) And speaking of sick, my last website client was too sick last Thursday to meet with me. So, while I met with a gentleman who will be taking over new website clients, I was unable to wrap the last website I completed. She is still sick and, at this point, not expected back in her office until the end of this week. Oh, and of course there is one more graphic she'd like to add. As she has been so patient with me, I'm not inclined to turn her last graphic request down.

But, it's a new week--Week Two--and my positive push must prevail. I've still only one employer with which I must share my headspace. The old employer appears to be slinking off--let's hope. And after this one more graphic and a meeting I plan to take with a surgical mask (to ward off her sick germs), I'll be done with my website clients.

G is much better, if a bit tired still. DH--who is helpful around the house, BTW--is also feeling better (he was sick too) and we all look forward to our ski date later this week. Between my own drama (shared above) and DH's concern over his own job and sales numbers, we keep trying to make sure we set it all aside to do stuff--like ski--with G. And everytime we do, the exercise and air clears just a bit more of that headspace I need so much.

Like I said, soon. There is a rhythm to it and I'm really close to finding it.

(And LMAO--JUST got the image of having being-on-top sex and unable to find a rhythm. Ouch. Clearly just the word rhythm makes me think of sex. The romance reader in me lives, WOOT.)

3 People Gabbed:

nath said...

Really freaky about your ex-boss!!

I hope things get better and you don't feel scared anymore.

Jennifer B. said...

Hi Nath - It gets freakier...I've since learned (from women in my old office building) that he was arrested (by law enforcement from a neighboring county) this week on several counts of fraud. Looks like he has been under investigation for fraud (related to his industry) for quite some time (pre-dating me even). So he uh, has other things on his plate now and I'm likely a distant memory. Still locking my doors and still have the folks surrounding my son (at school, daycare) on alert, but feeling better. Thanks!

Linda said...

OMG It was like reading a soap opera recap! Sure hope that ex-employer is truly out of your life. Looks like you got out of that job just in time to miss his investigation. heh heh good timing

Your comment about rhythm is snort-worthy! Now there was an image! *snicker*