Thursday, January 08, 2009

Calling All Romance Bloggers, Authors, Editors, Publishers, Readers, Web Designers…

For those of you who don't know, Sharon Cullars is in serious financial trouble. Our community is so wonderful, everyone always jumps in to help out when one of us is down.

From KarenS's blog:

First of all, I'd like to say a massive thanks to everybody who donated to Sharon Cullars' Chip In fundraiser. In just over a week, you guys raised $1200. That’s f*cking awesome. You guys rock all kinds of wonderful.

Unfortunately, we're a little off the target that Sharon needs to help her stay in her home, so some of Sharon's friends are organising an E-bay Auction to help raise the rest of the funds required.

With this in mind, we need freebies from bloggers, authors, editors, publishers, web designers, so if you have items to donate - books or book baskets/collections, critiques, ARCs of upcoming releases, review spreads, mentoring opportunities, web or promotional material design work etc., please email the item description to Roslyn Holcombe at roslynholcomb @ (no spaces).

You guys have been amazing so far, and I [Karen] think it would be fabulous if we could do something this important for one of our own.

If any of you still want to donate to the Chip In Fund, you can do so here. All donations will be gratefully received.

Or simply click on the Chip In Icon below.

Once again, please feel free to copy and paste, and post this info onto your respective blogs, the more people know about this, the more successful we'll be, I'm sure.

Thanks again for the wonderful effort so far.

For Sharon’s story, please click here.

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Karen Scott said...

Wow, that was quick! Thanks muchly for posting hun. xx