Friday, September 19, 2008

More football/stupid junk... and more on why teenagers should have no responsibility whatsoever

Jeff had his third game today. He actually played quite a bit this week. He got an interception which he came thisclose to running back all the way for a touchdown! If you ask him, he'll tell you it's cause we didn't spend the $150 for the best cleats ever. We only spent the $80 for the middle of the road pair (excuse me... a sucky pair). Sorry, but his feet are growing like a half size a month! I didn't want to spend $150 3 times in one season. Bad, bad mom, I know. *sigh*

He came very near to having a second interception as well. He was fantastic! His team won again, 40-6. They are apparently going to get quite a reputation around the league.

Unfortunately, what should have been a fantastic night, turned into a not so fantastic one. Somehow, his shorts didn't make it from his locker to his bag, and in the pocket were his wallet and his phone. (Are you sensing a theme here... things falling out on the locker room floor?) We turned the car around to head back to the high school. No shorts. He's convinced that everything is gone. He doesn't even want to look at the school lost and found, ask his football cohorts, or ask the coach. This reminds me of when he was a little boy and would lose something in his room, and complain it was 'gone forever.' Jeff's never really been our optimist. Of course whatever was gone forever would show up the next day. We may not be so lucky with the wallet (which had $30 in it plus about $150 in gift cards to various and sundry locations around town) or the cell phone, I'm thinkin'.

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