Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Drive-By

Hi ladies. I have to tell you that I read more JM books. I read Something Wonderful yesterday and absolutely LOVED it. Jordan is a dream. :-) He and Alex are perfect together.

Today I read Almost Heaven and adored that as well, though the beginning dragged a bit with backstory.

Every time I finish reading a book written by Judith McNaught I close it with a sigh and a smile.

Next up- Whitney, My Love and then I will read Tender Triumph to try and remember if I've read it before (I think I have) and I want to reread Remember When and Someone To Watch Over Me as well. Might as well complete the glom properly. :-)

Thanks for the suggestions!

Holly- I'm going to try WML just to see yet I will heed your warning.

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Sarah McCarty said...

Got to love the original McNaught!


nath said...

Yay!! I'm glad you enjoyed this one :D It's one of my favorite... I mean, there's just something about Jordan and Alex, they are just sooo sweet. I definitively wish we'd have more of them!! :)

Hey, you ever read Night Whispers? it's one of her contemp and I love that one :D

Anne said...

Jordan and Alex are wonderful. So far liking Whitney, My Love. I'm overlooking her attitude because it IS a historical and she WOULD have acted that way toward him as he's taken "liberties". So far so good.

Nath- I'm not sure about Night Whispers, but it's on my shelf right now from the library and I think I'll read that next.

I'm enjoying the JM glom. :-)

Rowena said...

Awwww I'm SO glad that you loved Jordan. He'll always be one of my most favorite JM heroes. He IS a dream, isn't he? I think that him and Alex are perfect together as well.

I know what you mean about Almost Heaven but that's still one of my favorite books to reread by JM. Ian was such a hottie (and related to Jordan, hehe) I always skip to my favorite parts when I'm reading that one again.

I know all about the smiling and sighing after putting down a JM, she's that good.

Good luck with W,ML. It's not a horrible book but because of all of the misunderstandings and the heroines stubborness, it's not a favorite amongst me and my friends....but on the other hand, it's very popular with most everyone else so I'm anxiously awaiting your verdict on the book!

Happy reading sweetie!

Lori said...

I'm so with Wena on this one... Lurrrve me some Jordan!! I think I reviewed this one a long time ago over on the other blog, Anne.

Holly said...

YAY! I'm so glad you liked SW and AH. I lluuurrve me some Ian and Jordon. I think of the two heroines, Alex is the better. That business at the end of AH w/ Elizabeth bugged me. Overall two excellent stories, though.

TT is one of my least favorite JM's. I realize it was supposed to be uncomfortable, but I don't think the heroine every did anything to redeem herself.

Good luck with W, ML. TOO MUCH DRAMA! Ugh.

I'm so glad you're doing this glom. She's a wonderful author, isn't she?

nath said...

LOL, Holly, of course Alex is the better heroine! I think she's one of the best heroine McNaught has written :) Most of her heroines are strong, but Alex has this joy of life in her that makes her stand out :D

Lori said...

Oh, Nath, you're so right about Alex. She is definitely one of the best heroines around. She has that wide-eyed wonder and joie de vive, and it makes Jordan and his grandmother both just melt at her feet. But she learned to be tough, too, and have the rest of the ton at her beck and call as well by not letting that side of her show. Sad, but still a great feat.

I hardly ever love the heroine. And if I do, it's hardly ever equal to my love of the hero.

*sigh* What a great book.