Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do I love thee? Or... My resume

My son is just the best. We've been going through some rough times with my eldest lately. Things like... he decided the best way to show me that I was spending far too much time at work was to get a progress report with In Danger of Failing grades. Of course he is far too wise to get those grades in any academic classes, so he chose PE to do it. Then promptly informed me that I probably didn't care since 'I'm never home anyway, but did I get the messsage?' Ouch. Too bright for his own good, that one. But, he didn't enjoy being grounded till final report cards for the semester came and his grade came up to a B. (How does one fail PE anyway? Sheesh!)

Anyway, here is part of his first draft of last night's English homework - a resume. Can I just say up front - I love my son to pieces. He cracks me up!

OBJECTIVE: My main goal in life is to become an attorney. Why, you ask? I want to be an attorney because I love to argue and my parents think I am good at it. They say I could argue anyone into the ground. I also think that I could make a hella lot of money.

Hard worker
Good listener
Careful cross-examiner
Excellent arguer
Persistent perseverant
Detail-oriented writer
Stubborn Last-word-getter

See, the personal qualifications had to be an adjective followed by a noun. But he gets his point across, doesn't he? I laughed my butt off! I love persistent perseverent and Stubborn Last-word-getter. And boy, is it true! Once I convinced him to write something a little more professional to turn in, and that yes, he could indeed show his teacher the first draft IF he did a professional final draft, he was fine.

Luckily, he had to do a resume when he was pimping for money for his Australia trip, so it was really just a matter of updating that one.

He then proceeded to tell me thebags under my eyes have bags. Aint he sweet? Happy Valentine's Day to me! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful one, too!

4 People Gabbed:

Anne said...

Dude, the kid rocks. What a VERY inventive way to tell his mom she's not around enough for him. Very smart kid.

Jennifer B. said...

Easy to see that he will be and do every damn thing he wants to. Sharp kid. You must be so proud. LOL

No really, he knocks me out. Wow.

Jenster said...

Oh my gosh. I think your son is my son's doppleganger! He did bad in band. BAND! The kid is a musician!! How can he do bad in band??

And the lawyer/arguing thing? That is my Taylor down to the "stubborn last-word-getter"!


Lori said...

LOL, Jenster, I always feel the same thing whenever you post about Taylor.