Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Was Right.

Heather Locklear so wasn't right for the part of Reece Gilmore in Angels Fall on Lifetime. She's too old and she's not that great of an actress. BUT, the movie was good... perfect adaptation of the book.

3 People Gabbed:

Lauren said...

I just said as much the other day over at Jaci's blog. I just think she's too old and it was a horrible miscast. Which is a shame because Angels Fall was one of my favorite books of 2007.

Karen Scott said...

They really should have used an unknown to play Reece, Heather Locklear is too old, and has been for a while. This was what I meant by saying that I hoped they wouldn't do a Danielle Steel on it. Most of the movies of her books have sucked donkey's balls.

Lori said...

LOL Karen, I said the same thing about it over on Rosie's blog.

And what was up with her lips?! Can you say injection? Her upper lip looked so swollen, I swear I thought maybe somebody smacked her one. Sheesh.