Thursday, January 04, 2007

How much does my hubby rock?

Well, we all know he majorly rocks. Just visit, and you'll know. He is the Man to Die For, after all. But, alas, that's not what I mean. Nope. And not cause he writes me love songs. Nope. And not cause he fills out a pair of jeans like nobody's business. Nope. And not cause after 20+ years we had rockin' sex at 2 am on a worknight last night either. Nope. Well, yeah, but that's not the point today. Here's why he rocks today. My hubby gave me just what I wanted for Christmas. And I started spending. You guesssed it. AMAZON.COM!!!!! So, off I went, and I'm so damned cheap, I could only bring myself to spend the first $25 bucks. And half of it was one book. Why are trade PBs so darned expensive? What's up with that?!?! All I can say is The Stranger I Married better be worth it. Sylvia Day told me the story of her inspiration to write it (which I will share, maybe, when I blog it up, if you're all really nice to me *g*), and it is a cool reason, so I need to read this book!

Never fret. I'll spend the other $75, plus the $25 still sitting around from my birthday (my kids and my good friend Linda are the best!). It's burning a hole in my pocket. But, do you ever find that as soon as you have the cash, you can't bring yourself to spend it? I HATE it when that happens!! I think I'm just waiting for a whole slew of books to be released, and look out when that happens. Anne posted a bunch below, although not a lot seem to really strike a chord with me, and Nikki posted a bunch on her blog, too.

What were your favorite gifts this year? And what are you waiting to spend your Amazon money on?

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Anne said...

Tell Bob HE ROCKS! The majority of the books I want don't come out until next month... Lori Foster, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Christina Dodd, and another Susan Mallery book as well as four NASCAR books from Harlequin and a Westmoreland book from Brenda Jackson. Looking forward to February for sure.

AND by then I should have my book sent off so I can actually take the time to READ. Ahhhh.... by TBR is sooooo backed up. I've got about 40 books (Marjorie Liu, Tara Janzen, Suzanne Brockmann, Lisa Kleypas, and a crap load of silhouette desire and silhouette special edition books) that I want to read now and about 300 more that I'm working on getting to *G*

Sarah McCarty said...

My favorite gift this year,

Hubby volunteered to take over all the housework and kid stuff for a year so I could commit to my NY contracts.

Nikki said...

I don't have that problem. I get money and I spend it right away. Then I regret it. That's my problem.

I am also an amazon-slut. I signed up for amazon prime which is free delivery (2nd day) for one year for anything with the amazon prime label on it(which is almost everything). It was $79.00. That is one of the best $79 I have ever spent. But the problem now is I order and order because I figure, well it's free shipping. I hope there is a Amazon Prime Twelve Step Program out there because I need it.

You will not regret spending so much on The Strange I Married. I keep thinking and thinking about that book. It is on my favorite of all time list. (I hope that doesn't build it up too much for you). The hero is to die for(of course) but the surprising thing for me is how much I really, really liked the heroine. She is very unique. The plot is also refreshing and unique. Happy reading!

byrdloves2read said...

Yeah, Bob rocks (literally and figuratively LOL). I know just what you mean about spending the GCs at Amazon. I got a couple of them too and while I have a bunch of books in my Wish List I wait until I have $25 total so I can get free shipping. I did spend some on Megan's Mark and Harmony's Way. I'm still a frequent visitor to the local library but there are some books (like Sarah McCarty's and Lora Leigh's) that they just don't have. No surprise down here in the Bible Belt LOL


Lori said...

Anne - 300?! I thought I had a lot on my Wish list!

Sarah - AWESOME gift! Your hubby rocks, too!

Nikki - a 12 step Amazon prime program, too funny :)

Linda - I have about 30 books on my Wish List, but when push came to shove, I just couldn't push the "buy" button. Don't know why. Maybe it's post holiday money blues. And I'm in the bible belt here in my little So Cal neck of the woods, too. I can't get squat at my library, either, and the ILL system here stinks also. I have to buy if I want to read.