Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lori rises from the dead

Shaking off the last 4 weeks of torture like a dog shakes off the nasty remains of a bath (I'll get to that a bit later...)

I've been scarce lately, sorely missing all my good friends. Working 60 hour weeks really bites, let me tell you. My kids have been surviving on pizza and mac and cheese. They aren't complaining about the diet, but I do get phone calls at the office around 7 pm asking if they will see me before they go to bed. Ok, that makes me feel just a wee bit guilty. And my husband, that wonderful, saintly man to die for, takes it all in stride. Sigh. And I'm too tired to praise him properly. Damn.

We did launch our new site, finally! Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to outsource it. Which meant it wasn't really built to our specs, and we lost a ton of functionality, but at this point, I don't really give a shit. It's in mop up mode. Oh, sorry, that's on the enhancement list...

The good ... no, great... news is that I put in for a transfer and got it. I will be doing the same job for more money and less stress for a different division of the company. I'm totally psyched about that. I start for them June 1. Yay!

I have managed to fit in a few boks. I read the first two Tara Janzen Crazy books (thanks Anne and JB!), and my May TBR Challenge for AngieW. Check out Don't Talk, Just Read for the lowdown...

And we gave the dog a bath. Seems she ate the remains of an entire chicken (bones and all). Thankfully, she's fine. But her poor tummy was not so good the next day. She had a bit of a case of the runs. She is a corgi/golden retreiver mix (picture a golden chopped off at the knees) with a bit of a Napoleon complex. So she has this long fluffy tail with this long Corgi skirt. Doesn't do well with doggy diarrhea. So we gave her a bath in the front yard where we have the tie-down. There she was, sopping wet, bedraggled, soaped up, when another dog walks by. Oh, the humiliation factor for our little miss alpha. She gave one little growl in the back of her throat, then just gave up. Even our neighbors laughed at her. Poor little alpha.

And, according to Anne's countdown, it is only 21 days and someodd hours until Ohio!! Double Yay!!!

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Anne said...

Welcome back my friend! You were very, very missed! I'm glad you transferred and will make more money! Congrats on that! That means less hours(none of the 60-hour weeks)? I hope so. And your DH, what a guy. And your kids, wonderful, and supportive. it's great that they can all just roll with the punches. : )

Your doggie-- poor thing. The FRONT yard! You big meanie! LOL The humility! LOL

Joni said...

Glad you're back amongst the more eloquent crowd..hehehe. Too funny about the doggie bath. My sheltie was probably laughing her butt off literally but not for long as she too is due for a bath. Might have to show her what humility is like to experience. We have to constantly clip her hairs under her tail because when she gets the runs, she refuses to wipe her a** on the grass like most others do, so you can imagine how mangled her long hairs get after a couple days. What I hate the most is that when she sits on the kitchen or wood floors she leaves her mark..hahaha.

Again, welcome back to the fold..we missed you dearly! Congrats on the transfer!! You deserve it!


Sarah McCarty said...

Welcome back, Lori! And congrats on the new job.

As for the poor little alpha.... Ok. I'm torn between tsking at your (ahem)*G* cruelty and LMAO at the imagery!