Saturday, March 04, 2006

It oughtta be illegal

For a man to be that sexy. I'm telling ya. I went to the Bon Jovi concert tonight. Man oh man. The guy turned 44 yesterday. He is lethal. Lethal I tell ya! I was never a fan of big hair bands in the 80's. And Bon Jovi had hair to rival the best of them. But whoever said that men get better as they age got it right with him. Goodness gracious. He's not one of those aging rock stars still trying to look good. He's got the goods. And he knows it. He turns that smile on the audience, and every female heart in the room trips over itself. I was sitting next to my husband (you know, the man to die for from a week ago?), and had that smile turned on me, (as much as I like to think I wouldn't) I would have walked away without a backward glance. It's that powerful. And it took a couple hours, but he finally turned and shook his booty. *heaving a big sigh* And a fine booty it is, too. Now, if you really know me, you know that all this mooning over another man isn't like me. I'm not one to go ape-shit over anyone except my hubby (which I actually do on a regular basis). That should tell you something about the sheer magnetism of this man.

And can the man sing! He's got an amazing voice. Which, to him, I suppose, is actually the point of it all. And to my 2 sons, sitting on the other side of the man to die for, this was also the point. It's why he's survived when all those other "hair bands" of the 80s crashed and burned. Of course, he also woke up and got better hair *g*. His songwriting is showing his age. It's gotten more reflective and intropective. Which is a-ok with me. Shows he's also matured. Both as a man and as a songwriter. This is a good thing if you want longevity in the music world. But he can still rock. The man puts on a great concert. If he is coming your way, I highly suggest you get tickets! Beg, borrow and steal. You may have to steal, cuz tickets aint cheap.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, he is a great guy, too. In every city on his tour, he has a local unsigned band open for him. If you know anything about the music scene, that is really amazing, and a wonderful thing to do. Oh yes. And he's still happily married to his high school sweetheart. And has 4 kids. And does work for
Habitat for Humanity. And he owns an Arena football team (not that this is great, I just thought it was kinda cool, so I mentioned it *g*).

2 People Gabbed:

Sam said...

Oh My. I think I'm in LOVE, lol.
You're so lucky - you got to see him in concert!!!
Me jealous.
Glad you had a wonderful time!

Jennifer B. said...

So glad to hear it was good for you! *g*