Monday, August 17, 2009

Library Loot

I saw this over at Christine's, and thought this would be great! It's awesome when you can check stuff out from the library (waving at Wendy!). Unfortunately, my library stinks. Even my county library. All these were requested through California ILL with the exception of Outlander. I still have a bunch on request. Hopefully the new Karen Rose will come SOON.

LIBRARY LOOT is a weekly blog event co-hosted by Marg of Reading Adventures and Eva of A Striped Armchair. Library Loot encourages readers to share what they've checked out from the library that week. If you want to participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog any day of the week and leave the link to your post through the Mr. Linky link at either Marg's or Eva's blogs.

Hot Pursuit. Yup. My lib didn't have it. Had to request it. Go figure.

Malice. I'm a Lisa Jackson ho. But I still won't buy hardcover. BTW, she has 2 releases out right now. The other one is Chosen to Die, the followup to Left to Die. I did buy that and have already read it. Boy, do I love me some Lisa Jackson.


I may be one of the few people in the world who hasn't read this yet. So I figured, why not?

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Jennifer B. said...

Hey, I just picked up Hot Pursuit from MY library today. And yup, LOL, I had to request it, reminding them that they usually get Brockmann's titles for the shelf. Thankfully, they ordered it while I was on vacation and I was able to pick it up first day back today. Yay! Buddy review coming up, right?

And nope, I've got Gabaldon's on my TBR list--for like years now--but haven't read it either.

Wendy said...

As fast as you read Lori you'll probably have Outlander done within a day! I haven't read it and have no interest. Reviews I've read have led me to believe it's not my kind of book.

Jackson is quite popular in my library system, with the hard cover releases generating more requests than the pbs. But her pbs do check out as well.....

Christine said...

I'm so glad you joined in on Library Loot!

My library isn't so good for new releases either. It's so disappointing when last summer's greatest reads only roll in to my library now. :(

Enjoy your loot!

nath said...

Lori, you think your library stinks? Imagine mine. You've seen Wendy worries about budget to buy romance? LOL, I have to worry about budget to buy books in English!!

I hope you get the Karen Rose very, very soon!!!

Lori said...

JB - yes, def another buddy review of the Brockmann. It was so fun last time!

Wendy - if I had a day all to myself, I could probably finish it. But given how rare that is, it may take me 2 or 3, LOL. Im interested to see what all the fuss is about. It's so long that it had better live up to the hype. Just sayin.

Christine, I'm glad it's not just my library. Not that I'm happy yours sucks, too. But when I hear how Jen checks everything out of the library I get soooo jealous!

OK, Nath - you win! All my books come in English, LOL!! And I'm checking on the status of the Rose often. Still in "requested" status. Damn it.

Marg said...

Lori, thanks so much for joining in on Library Loot!

Jackson and Brockman are both authors I intend to get to...some day! Goodness only knows when!