Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Not-at-RWA post

Do you feel the absence of all those who are currently in Washington, DC at the RWA National Conference? I certainly do! I got my Google Reader down to zero today. ZERO. It's unheard of. There are the die-hards who are still posting and tweeting from the conference (thanks for all the updates!!), there's a noticeable lack of posts. And although I'm still undecided in my decision to join RWA (feedback, positive or negative, still appreciated), I would still have loved to attend some workshops, chill with some authors, and possibly chat up some agents and editors. I hope everyone there is having a great time! :-)

I did hear that Romance Divas is having a giant bash for those who weren't able to go, so head on over there if you're lonely at home like me!

4 People Gabbed:

Stacy~ said...

Yep, I'm right there with ya, living vicariously through Twitpics LOL. It's awfully quiet. Next year I definitely plan on going to Nashville.

KateS said...

Stacy, do you follow Lauren Dane? She's been great about pics! :-)

And I didn't realize it was in Nashville next year. DC is so much closer. I'll have to start planning... :-P

Lori said...

I totally want to go to Nashville next year. DC was just too expensive for me this year :(

Renee said...

Barbara posted some great pictures from the Literacy signing.

Yeah, maybe when it's back on the west coast, I could work it out. I totally feel like the kid with the nose pressed up against the window, but it is great to read all the posts.