Monday, June 15, 2009

Junk about me

I took this from Barbara, who took it from JenB.

1. What thing is nearest to you? Empty Cold Stone ice cream cup (guilty blush) and an empty diet coke can. What does that say about me, LOL?.
2. What is your ringtone? Eruption by Van Halen
3. What was the last message in your inbox? It's from Nikki, confirming she'll be at the next SoCal Blogger get together. Woot!
4. Who is your best friend? Bob.
5. What is the brand of your TV? Samsung
6. What schools did you attend? Elementary, Junior High, High School, College, and postgrad for my RRT.
7. Do you own a MP4? Nope. Not yet.
8. What song are you listening to now? Lullaby, by none other than the hub. It's playing on Steve's iPod while he's in bed. Plus, Bob is writing a song in our room.
9. Did you kiss anybody in the past 2 days? Yes.
10. Have you ever kissed someone you met in the blogosphere? I'm not sure. Have I, guys?
11. What would you want to call yourself if you didn't have your current name? When I was a little girl, I wanted to be called Barbara. I had a friend named Barbara with long straight black hair. (I have very curly brown hair).
12. Would you be happy if you had everything? I'd like the opportunity to find out.
13. Are you always thinking of someone special? No time.
14. Tell us of your most desperate dream? I desperately want my children to be happy all the time.
15. When did you last laugh till you cried? Tonight at dinner.
16. If you had a crush, would you tell them you love him/her now? Just did.
17. If you could be anywhere in the world now, where would you want to be? On a sunny beach, basking in the sun.
18. When was your heart last broken? 5 years ago, when my dad passed away.
19. Whose birthday(s) is/are coming up? My nephew's (20th) and my hubby's.
20. How many email accounts do you have? Two that I use all the time for personal use, plus a work one, plus about 10 that I use for work for testing. Ugh, that sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

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