Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bookwatch: Uncovered by Linda Winfree

Uncovered by Linda WinfreeOne of the fabulous things about e-books is that they are so easy to buy on release day. One of the few authors I "race" to buy in e-book on release day is Linda Winfree. I love her Hearts of the South series. Even though there's always one thing that gives me pause in each one, and Holly and I always compare notes about what bugged us, the books rock. Seriously.

The next one, Uncovered, is due out July 7. This is book 9 in the series (book 10 if you count the prequel, What Mattered Most - and you should definitely count it!)

Before she can build a future, she must dig up the bones of her past…

A Hearts of the South story.

After nearly twenty years, her career in possible ruins, homicide detective Madeline Holton returns to her hometown for a temporary stint working with the local sheriff’s department. The demons of her teen years lie in wait, rising once more in the form of a cold case she must solve. And when it comes to a handsome farmer who’s making good on her family’s former land, she can’t seem to keep her foot out of her mouth—or her hands off him.

Agricultural businessman Ash Hardison won’t lie to himself—despite Madeline’s obvious issues, he’s more drawn to her than any woman he’s ever known. He’s already laid the ghosts of his past to rest, and he’s determined to help Madeline purge hers. Whether she likes it or not.

Because he knows it’s the only way they have a chance to forge a future together.


Can I just say? That is the most manly looking man I've seen on a book cover in a long time. I love his face. Not a boy, but a man. The 42 year old woman in me cries out for him, and I don't feel like I'm lusting after jailbait. Yum.

Madeline is Autry's sister and sister-in-law to sheriff Stanton Reed, the H/H from Anything but Mine (book 4). July 7 is almost here!

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KateS said...

That looks great! I'll have to look into the first 4 books first... :-P

Linda Winfree said...

Hey, Lori!

I'm glad you're looking forward to it. I am, too! I should probably warn you Tick's grumpy for the first third or so b/c of his past dealings with Madeline . . . ;-)

I love that cover. I asked for a model that would look like my forty-two-year-old hero and I got one! My editor and I are in love with his eyelashes. :-)


Lori said...

Hi Linda! I kinda got the impression that Tick was going to be a little... errrr... ornery from the excerpt, LOL. As long as they work it out, and he doesn't regain his nickname (heh), I'll be ok. He sure is one high strung guy, though. LOLOL!!!

And.. a 42 yo hero?? I'm in heaven! Actually, that's one of the things I remember liking about Mark, too. But this guy, well, he is just beautiful. Looking forward to the 7th!

Linda Winfree said...


Can you email me please? linda_winfree at yahoo dot com.