Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I tried to stay out of the controversy... honest

I tried really hard to stay out of this. Honest I did. I never make comments on other people’s posts about controversial issues (ok, hardly ever). Holly wrote a post a few months back about authors and other folks asking for financial assistance on their blogs. I purposefully didn’t reply to that because I’m torn on the issue, honestly. However, IMHO, this goes beyond the pale.

Lucy Monroe, whom I happen to adore as an author, has hardly made an appearance on her own blog in months. I’ve been debating whether or not to unsubscribe, because I really don’t care what Andre the promo guy has to say. I want to read Lucy’s blogposts. Yesterday pretty much made up my mind for me.

We all have money issues. Things come up. But your promo guy asking for money for new tires for your band's van? On your blog? Really? It’s one thing if someone is ready to be kicked out of their home. But to pay for new tires for your van? Srsly?

Well, I’m gonna join in the fray then.

I have two kids to send to college. Anyone want to donate? Leave me a comment and I’ll send you their college fund’s account numbers.

I have to get a car wax. Living in So Cal, having a high profile vehicle is just too important, and my Honda Accord needs its summer wax job. Anyone want to donate? Leave me a comment, and I’ll send you my Paypal account number.

I have to get my hair highlighted again. Anyone want to donate $100 to the cause? It would help me out, seriously.

As I said, I was ready to unsubscribe to Lucy’s blog prior to this – not for any reason other than I subscribed because I liked hearing about her writing experiences and what was going on with her. I already pretty much skim over and 'mark as read' all the blogposts over there. Which saddens me. But this is too much. I think Lucy needs to take a little more care with her online presence. She’s a fabulous author. She hasn’t written a thing I don’t care for. Will I stop buying her books? Absolutely not! Will I stop reading her blog? Yup.

What say you? Too much chutzpah for these times?

Edited to add: Lucy Monroe has deleted the post and posted an apology here.

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Jennifer B. said...


And entirely inapproapriate to ask--that's where I weigh in, everywhere I see it.

And insulting. To those out there challenged to keep their homes or adequately stock their pantry. (Who I don't think should be asking online either.)

Over-the-top, really. I hope Monroe moves quickly to disassociate. Charity starts at home, and this here is the world wide web. Wonderful and amazing online community, truly, but not an appropriate place to hold out your hand. Harsh (and I'm sorry for that), but honest.

Lori said...

I know. I thought my jaw would drop to the floor. I really hope she takes a look at this and realizes what it does to her online presence. Not good for her or the community at large.

Stacy~ said...

Like you, I adore Lucy, and got to meet her last year at Lori's event. She was a total sweetheart. I miss her presence at her blog, but I do find Andre rather amusing in a puppy-dog sort of way. Yet I think this was a totally inappropriate move on his part. That blog is for Lucy, and he shouldn't be using it to ask for money. I hope that Lucy steps in and nips this in the bud.

I haven't stopped by her blog in awhile because most of the posts have been excerpts and I'm not big on reading them.

lisabea said...

Hi Lori~

You know, I don't go to Lucy's site, so I clicked on the link and I thought that SHE had written that post. I mean, it's her picture and her name. She needs to take control of her website.

Nikki said...

I don't know what to say because I am speechless.

It's hard for everyone right now! If you need new tires or whatever YOU need to figure it out for yourself!!

nath said...

Wow... Okay.

I'm not really fond of people asking for donations (unless it's a website that needs bandwith so we can download stuff, but that's another story). However, I mean, it's their life... if they want to ask for money, well go ahead. Problem is, when you do it on someone else's blog... ugh.

nath said...

ps - glad you blogged LOL :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Lucy Monroe is one of the most generous and talented authors I've been priviledged to know and her promo guy Andre, well what I gather from all of his posts, he only wants to get Lucy's message out and let her readers know what's happening.

We all make mistakes, so let's be generous and take note that the situation has been addressed.

Anne said...

Well, I could use money too. I'm living on my own, unemployed, and totally broke. Anyone wanna donate? Snort. For fuck's sake... TIRES? Dude.