Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Oops! for KristieJ

KristieJ posted a hilarious list of Oops! the other day and invited us all to comment and win. I dutifully commented, sharing my propensity to accidentally brew coffee at 10 PM instead of correctly programming the coffeemaker to brew in the AM.

Well, I just discovered another Oops--funny enough to share.

Temps are threatening to warm here. Unsure of where Thursday's temps would go, I decided to grab a spring jacket from the closet for G. I wanted to send it, and his winter coat, with him on his all-day playdate at Seth's.

Went to the closet, spied his spring jacket and grabbed it. Lo and behold, there on the hanger was a white satin bra. MY white satin bra. Apparently, when I washed his jacket (last fall sometime), I bypassed the dryer and simply hung it up to air dry. Like I often do, I slung a just-washed bra over the top of the hanger--also to air dry. Once it (they) dried, I must have just blindly hung it up in the coat end of the closet without pulling my bra off of the hanger.

And I LOVE this particular bra. How did I not miss it?

Now, if you're a man, you're likely envisioning a clandestine romp with a forbidden lover--wherein I inadvertantly left my bra behind, cheating whore that I am.

If you are a woman however, you're heading--this very minute--to your coat closet.

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