Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Reckoning

I was right! It was water weight. Not ding-dongs. LOL! Nothing ever feels as good as getting on the scale the week after your period. Srsly. I'll probably feel like dog-doo next week, but today, I feel great!

I hit the 5 lb mark. Woohoo!! I'm getting my first pedicure of the spring season in honor of myself.

What do you do to reward yourself when you feel good?

5 People Gabbed:

Jennifer B. said...

WOOT! Nice job Chick!

Hmmmm, if I meet a weight loss goal or a take-care-of-myself goal, I try to squeeze in a new addition to my wardrobe. A pedicure sounds good though...when our spring arrives (LOL!) I should squeeze one in.

Casee said...


That is sooo awesome, Lori! Great job.

I usually have a glass of wine, but since that's not really going to help my cause, a pedicure sounds like a great idea. LOL

Blanche said...

WTG Lori!!! :)

I was so bad this last week, why is it there is always really good food when you are on vacation?

My biggest splurge for reaching a weight loss goal was my Dooney & Bourke purse!! :)

nath said...

Wooohooo! Go Lori! Go Lori :)

A pedicure sounds like great reward :D

Rosie said...

That's fantastic Lori! Yes it's pedi season. I reward myself in lots of ways. Book buying and shopping by myself is one of them. Keep up the good work.