Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog Roundup

Since I'm low on original thoughts...

Rene's post on spring cleaning got me to thinking. First fleeting thought was that I have no need for spring cleaning. I'm anal year-round, LOL. Second thought was more a that I work full-time outside the home, it doesn't matter how anal I am. I simply don't have time to stay up on kitchen drawers and bathroom cupboards.

I was also reminded of all the little things I notice when I clean house every week--the things I leave for when I have more time. Like nailing down loose baseboard trim, vacuuming the dust from the furnace and hot water heater closet, and washing or replacing shower curtain liners. And oh hell, let's just be honest and include all the things I've shaved off my weekly house Windexing the front of my dishwasher and stove or washing the kitchen throw rugs. Sigh.

Before this moment, the only thing on my "spring" To Do list was swap seasonal clothes and cull the outgrown clothes from G's wardrobe. Ah well.

Segues nicely into Rosie's comments on time--or lack of it. She's right--physical fitness consumes a good chunk of our time. Right now, I'm doing both my cardio and resistance training before sunrise. Frankly, it sucks. Because I had to add cardio--the minute I sat my ass behind a desk for a living--my morning workout is twice as long as it used to be. I no longer have time for a cup of coffee over the morning news and, on more days than not, I head out of the house with wet, unstyled hair.

[To Rosie, a quick note. If you can figure out how to squeeze weight training in, you'll love, love, love the results. Been meaning to tell you that, LOL. Power and grace...the coolest benefits in the world.]

And that image of unstyled hair reminds me of Stacy's post on finding our "pretty." Clearly, for me, it is not in silky locks. I do like pink toenails, clear polish on my fingernails, cool sunglasses and clear glossy lips, and sexy underwear, and...well, that's enough for now. A fun post Stacy--another in this overall "woman" theme we have going on this week.

On reading...hmmmm. I'm in a slump, so Nath's post comes to mind. But where she is presently unable to choose a book to read, I'm just plain unable to enjoy a book to read. I swear I started Krentz' Running Hot two weeks ago...not even half way through it. It's good, but not a page-turner and I'm not able to pick it up for more than 10 minutes at a time--once or twice a day. I keep thinking I should put it down and find a page-turner--one that would compel me to give up sleep in order to finish it. At least that way I would feel like I'm reading.

I'm pretty sure I miss reading. For the joy of it, I mean. Some days I fear my disappointment is more in the fact that I'm not keeping up, than in the actual missing of the escape romance provides. I used to joke that I read like it's my job. Maybe not so funny...not when reading less makes me feel like I'm falling down on the job.

Not far off Jessica's post over at Racy Romance Reviews. Her inability to keep up with her Google Reader is giving her fits. That happens to me too. Conversely--and perversely--I'm just as frustrated when I am caught up with everyone's posts. Leaves me feeling deserted.

So there it is ladies. I'm a mental patient with biceps and shiny lips.

3 People Gabbed:

Jessica said...

I hate the feeling when I cannot find a book I enjoy. I start to panic that this hobby I just discovered and love so well might not last my whole lifetime!

I always do recover, though.

nath said...

I hope the mood will come back to you! Sucks not being able to enjoy books :( Especially if it's good.

Spring cleaning... bleh. Although i think I'm going to re-shelve my books during the Easter week-end :D

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks Jessica and Nath! Think I'm just going to put March quietly behind me and try the reading thing again in April. *g*