Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How do you charm your man?

Last week, Lori cited Bob's laugh lines--those sexy crinkles around the eyes--and asked "What's sexy about your man?"

Well, it occured to me yesterday, there is one thing (I hadn't thought of) about my own husband that utterly charms me. It's the way he deals with my more 'interesting' moments. Specifically, it's the totallly bland expression and closed mouth he wields when I KNOW he is dying to do otherwise.

[For the few of you who know little about my DH, let me just say that talking is his forte; he's really, really good at it; does it ALL the time.]

So what renders him speechless? My appearance ususally. Like when I arrived at the chairlift a full minute or two behind him and my son yesterday. Covered in snow, head to toe. And it's not snowing outside. Completely unaware of how I looked, I ski'd into the shoot behind them and waited for my chair. All the while, he has to be envisioning the mother of all wipeouts. Looking me over, silently. And when I don't mention it, he wisely--and charmingly--leaves it alone. LOL

Exactly the same reaction he managed a few years back, when, I swear, I fell asleep while riding my snowmobile. Seriously, totally relaxed, mind on something else, meandering at a casual pace through freshly groomed trails. He was a bit ahead of me and didn't witness my boneless slide off my machine. Or my breakdance-looking spin--thank goodness for Goretex--across the snow. Or my machine as it miraculously slowed to a stop on the trail, instead of against a tree. I was not aware of my snow-encrusted appearance then either, because when I caught up with him down the trail--where he waited for me--I smiled and gave him the thumbs up sign (which, for us, means to continue on). He just sat there looking at me. Then slowly faced forward and resumed riding. Bless his heart.

Like I hinted, my DH rarely stops talking. He has something to say about virtually everything and doesn't buy into the whole 'some things are better left unsaid' argument. Helpful or hurtful, he never holds his words back. So how does he manage it in these instances? I think he is charmed. By me. I think he is amused in the same way the heroes of our romance often are, when amusement sparks attraction or remembers fondness. Truly, a gooey moment both ways.

And while there is plenty of humor in my marriage, as well as the standard hi-and-bye kisses and endearments, there are very few gooey moments. This one brought a secret smile to my face as I rode the chairlift behind him.

What about you? How do you charm your DH? Was gonna ask how you render him speechless, but I'm not sure we're rated for that kind of content here. LOL

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Lori said...

Awww, too funny. And I'm so glad to hear those things about him.

For us, I can think of 2 things, really. First, I laughed at the snowmobile thing, because I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere. Anytime. I've been known to fall asleep on my feet at rock concerts (without any chemical assistance, even!). Every time I do so, I just get a little grin, a shake of the head, and a look of utter bewilderment.

But I think the one that really charms him is when the kids get to me - I mean truly get to me. I'll march straight over to my cabinet, pull out the bottle of Baileys or peppermint schnapps I keep in there, yank it out, and just chug. Usually it's just one or two gulps, cause that's all I can take without being riproaring drunk, but no glass, no finesse, just chug. Then, I inevitably wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and let out a big "ahhhh, much better."

He finds that immensely amusing, especially because, well, I don't drink. That one always renders a "G-d, I love you" for some reason.

Christine said...

Hi Jen!
I haven't been by here in a while and have to say I was totally delighted with this post. It made me smile and even laugh out loud... but most of all it warmed my heart. I don't know you or your husband, but I agree and think you completely and utterly charm him in those instances. Very sweet post. :)

Christine said...

I just realized I used 'Jen' and not 'Jennifer.' Sorry about that!

Jennifer B. said...

Ok Lori - Your more charming moments are hilarious! I can just picture you swigging patience-in-a-bottle, LMAO!

Hi Christine! Thank you :) Sweet words. And more folks than not call me Jen--so that's just fine, LOL! And I'm looking forward to your blog posts--I've added your blog to my reader, yay!