Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, We Can!

Today, I am filled with hope. And I am scared. And I am proud. I never truly thought that I would see in my lifetime the election of a black president. And in an hour and a half, Barack Obama will be the President of the United States.

I am filled with hope for the future. He is not the decider. He is not the divider. He is the uniter. He has the audacity to hope that together this country, this world can work together to fix our problems.

I am filled with joy that my children witness this event early in their lives, and it gives them the realization that, truly, anything is possible - they can be anything they want to be, if they set their minds to it, and work hard enough. I don't think they truly grasp the history they are witnessing. I thought about keeping them home from school today and watching the day's events with them, but I didn't think they would appreciate the enormity of the day.

I am scared. Scared that the immediate gratification society we live in will not grant an Obama administration the time necessary to work through these huge issues facing our country and our world. We didn't get into this situation overnight, and it won't be fixed overnight. But I'm terrified that our country will lose faith if the changes aren't immediate. Because they won't be.

But today, mostly I'm filled with awe. And excitement. I had the audacity to hope. I will be watching the inauguration on TVs provided by my company. They feel it's important. I hope that every four years, this country is filled with the same hope and joy that I feel in the air today. Yes, we can. If we only have the audacity to hope. To dream. To believe. To work. Damn hard.

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Linda said...

It is so inspiring. I keep getting chills and not from seeing how cold it is there. This truly is a historic moment in my life and I feel blessed to see it.

I was raised in DC and I just remembered watching smoke rising from across the river when there were riots in DC back in the 60's. Now look where we are! It's a miracle.

Lori said...

Wasn't his speech inspiring, and wonderful, Linda? I heard he wrote it himself - no speech writers. Fabulous.

Linda said...

Yup, great speech. He told us it's going to be rough and he didn't let ANYONE off the hook when it comes to being responsible for the fix. Good man.

Karen Scott said...

Hey Lori, do you remember, me, you, Bob and TTG having the conversation at The Park Plaza hotel in Nottingham, and both agreeing that it would never happen?

How good does it feel to be wrong huh? *g*

Lori said...

God, Karen, Can you believe that was only 18 months ago? Simply amazing.

And it feels great to be wrong.