Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Devils on Horseback: Zeke out today

Yippee! Lookee what comes out today! Love me some Beth Williamson. She's got another great series on her hands. If you haven't read the Malloy series, run, don't walk, over to Samhain. Devils on Horseback: Zeke is book 3 in the Devils on Horseback series. And look at that beautiful man on the cover. Square jaw. Dimpled chin. Gorgeous face. *sigh*

Blurb: Intense, reserved and known for his strategic thinking, Zeke Blackwood has struggled to find his place in the post-war world. After the violent death of the first woman to capture his heart, Zeke retreats into a whisky bottle—until he’s handed the position of town sheriff.

Zeke sobers up and tries his damnedest to be the best lawman he can be. He hadn’t counted on the tempting new saloon girl to jeopardize his cold, unhappy existence.

Naomi Tucker is a survivor, a woman who made it through the war on her own wit and strength. She hoped moving to Tanger, Texas would bring her the peace and stability she yearns to find. Instead she runs head-on into a cool-eyed sheriff who welcomes her to his bed, only to push her away.

The wildness of the West is far from tamed. It threatens the town’s efforts to rebuild, Zeke’s bond with the Devils—and his fragile relationship with Naomi. As Zeke’s hold on sobriety slips, he and Naomi must choose between settling for half a life apart, or embracing all they could be. Together.

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Beth Williamson said...

*smooch* Love ya right back, Lori. :)

Thanks for the post!!!

Lori said...

You're welcome, Beth. Can not wait to read this! It's all loaded up in the reader, ready to go. Now if only my life would cooperate with me!