Friday, December 19, 2008

A Hanukkah Reading Contest!!! Catch Me - I May Plotz!

Happy Hanukkah!I almost fell out of my chair, but yes indeed, there is one going on called The Glowing Lights of Chanukah. It's almost over, but you can read about the details here.

It ends on Sunday, so hurry!!

I whined over the lack of Jewish romances here, and now here are some. Granted, these aren't your traditional romances, but still... I don't mind M/M (I really liked Eight Nights by Keira Andrews, so I'm stoked to see that there is a sequel, Daybreak, as part of this contest).

Beginning Wednesday, December 17th join ten authors who have gathered romance stories with Jewish heroes and heroines from all walks of life, gay men and straight: From the days of the Maccabees to Regency England to modern day America to parallel worlds; from sweet to spicy hot. Each day listed and continuing through the 22nd you can enjoy their entries. Tell us the names of their heroes and heroines and send them to to be entered in a drawing of Gifts for the Season.

The winner will be drawn December 22nd, the first day of Chanukah!

Start the celebration with authors:
Keira Andrews, Astrid Amara and Cheryl Dragon

on Wednesday, the 17th
The Celebration begins with Keira Andrews at:
Astrid Amara at:
Cheryl Dragon at:

Thursday, the 18th:
Melissa Glisan at:
Jeanne Barrack at:
EM Ben Shaul at:

On Friday, the 19th:
Samantha Kane at:
Eva Gordon at:

And on Sunday, the 21st
KZ Snow at:
James Buchanan at:

Rock on! And thanks for the stories!

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Samantha Kane said...

I thought it was a really cool contest, too. You don't see many Chanukah contests out there. I was happy when they asked me to do it. Have fun!