Friday, November 21, 2008

Totally random stuff...

Totally random shit, because my boss is out sick and I'm totally playing hooky...

Did you know that Google Chrome has an Incognito window that hides your browsing? It deletes all your cookies when you exit the browsing session. Rock on! (the new IE8 will have one, as will a future edition of Firefox, but Google Chrome has it now, and it's super simple!) Also known as the porn protector, because you can hide your trail when surfing porn sites, it rocks when you're playing at work!

I helped Jen write some javascript today for her website... so I actually *did* write some web stuff (does that count, even if it isn't for my company?)... 

She then proceeded to offer me fudge as a thank you. But she's 3000 miles away. So I had hot chocolate and a hershey bar for lunch.

Isn't Jen's son just the cutest?

Jeff had a 3.7 on his report card. Damn, we had to live up to our end of the bargain and get texting. Now he's upset cause we still embargoed the internet. *sigh*

Even with all the missing assignments, Steve still made Principal's list (the good kind, LOL, which is a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0). Imagine if he bothered to do his work.

I so totally can't wait for Thanksgiving. I need a really long weekend!

What are all of you doing for Thanksgiving?

4 People Gabbed:

Linda said...

Bravo to your boys and their grades. I had to snort at "imagine if he studied".

Hmm, Thanksgiving. No family. I'll probably still be sorting through all the stuff in this house getting ready to move to Florida. *sigh* Missing Bill.

Lori said...

Big hugs, Linda. Know that I'm thinking of you through the holiday season and all the rest of the time. I'm glad to see you back online for a bit :)

Jennifer B. said...

Ahhh, and Jen thanks you again! LOL

I'm with Linda--your pride AND humor over your boys is perfect. Makes me understand and laugh at the same time. Always. You're an awesome Mom and it shows.

And more hugs from me Linda. I too am holding you in my thoughts. And I will call early next week to see how you're doing. We're all thinking of you friend.

nath said...

Good news for you :D You must be happy that they're doing well in school :)

and yes, Jen's son is the cutest!! LOL :)

Lucky you, getting a long week-end. I can't wait till the holidays. Sigh.