Sunday, November 16, 2008

Movie Review: Role Models

We went to see this so we could preview it because Jeff is dying to see it. Plus, in a guilty pleasures kind of way, I kind of wanted to see it. Role Models is crass, crude, inappropriate, demeaning toward women in every imaginable way. And I laughed my ass off all the way through it. Seriously.

Casting was great. Paul Rudd is perfect as the uptight, straightlaced Danny. And Seann William Scott is adorably sexy and so totally inappropriate as Wheeler. Putting these two in charge of two kids for 150 hours? SCARY!

Our first thought on seeing the first scenes with Bobb'e J. Thompson, who plays Ronnie, was how much fun that little kid must have had playing that role! A more foul-mouthed little kid you'll never find. Of course, I'm a mother, so I also thought - Jeez, how could a mom let her little kid play a role with all that horrendous language and sex-talk?! But seriously, he was perfect. And Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who plays the unbelievably nerdy Augie, whose life is LAIRE (a bad mix of D&D meets the Renaissance Faire), is also perfect.

So if you are not easily offended (seriously, the first line of the movie was disgustingly offensive), and have no problem with women being objectified for the sake of bad jokes, this movie was fricken' hilarious. Take it for what it is, full of political incorrectness, and you'll be good.

In other incredibly important news, Wendy is home safe and sound after being evacuated during our SoCal Blogger meetup. Thank heavens she and her Man are safe and sound!!

Here we all are on Saturday. We missed you this time, Holly, Rowena, and Daphne!!

Left to right: Alys, Nikki, Rosie, Wendy, Tracy, Me

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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I had talked to Alys and I am so happy you all were safe and had fun!

Jennifer B. said...

Yay! Glad to hear Wendy is home safe! I was worried after talking with you last night. Good news!

Holly said...

I really wanted to see this movie, so thanks. I love stupid un-PC comedy like that.

I'm glad y'all had a good meet up! I'm also SUPER jealous I didn't get to come this time. Next time for sure, though.

And I'm SOOO glad Wendy is home safe and sound.


nath said...

Sooo cool!! Looks like you girls had fun ;) So glad :)

Super happy that Wendy is home safe :)

Stacy~ said...

I'm in the mood for this kinda movie, so maybe this weekend I'll go see it.

Looks like a fun time. I wish there were more readers/bloggers in my area.

Tracy said...

I heard this was a pretty funny movie.

Hey all those people in that picture look really familiar! lol