Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Of all of the authors originally rooted (and successful, category starts notwithstanding) in non-paranormal genres, are there any that have entered the paranormal romance arena with the same level of innovation or creativity of say Liu, Singh or Brook?

I'm unable to think of anyone. Nora Roberts' 07 trilogy was good, but lacked originality in both character and ultimate conflict. Christina Dodd's Darkness series was engaging, but predictable. And the likes of Krantz, Howard and Neggars don't do much more than dip their characters' toes in it.

What say you?

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Leslie said...

Kresley Cole started with historicals before her Immortals After Dark series. And J.R. Ward wrote contemporaries as Jessica Bird before the BDB.

Jennifer B. said...

Yep, Kresley Cole fits. Her paranormals are a cut above the rest.

On Ward/Bird, were her earlier titles as Jessica Bird all categories?

Leslie said...

I love Cole's IAD series. Very different twist with the Valkyries.

Ward/Bird had 4 contemporary romances and 5 categories. I haven't had a chance to read any yet but have heard they are good.

vanessa jaye said...

What about Meljean Brook's Guardians and Demons books?

Linda said...

I don't know if Emma Holly started with contemp or if she alternates between it and paranormal, but she writes a really good alternate reality series about demons.

Jennifer B. said...

Leslie - I love Coles paranormals as well. Gripping. And thanks for filling in the blank on Ward/Bird. I think I actually have those contemps on my TBR list somewhere.

Vanessa - I'd count Brook as one of the straight-out paranormal authors (from the beginning) who meets the innovative, wildly creative criteria.

Linda - Definitely! Emma Holly fits the bill I was looking for. Thank you!